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Azure SQL Managed Instance: Network Intent Policy error fix in Azure Bicep

Azure SQL MI Nsg rules

Introduction If you’re trying to deploy Azure SQL Managed Instance in Azure via Azure Bicep you may have stumbled across this ‘Network Intent Policy’ error when trying to redeploy your Azure Bicep template. The problem doesn’t present itself on your first deployment yet when trying your template again this error is present. It seems if …

Azure Lean Coffee – Episode 3

Azure Lean Coffee Episode 3

Just a quick post about Azure Lean Coffee, hosted by Daniel McLoughlin and Rukaya Ogazi-Khan which is streamed live monthly covering a range of discussion topics on Azure of which I was fortunate enough to get involved in their latest episode. In this months episode I was joined along side Michael Durkan and Jeevantika Lingalwar …

Continuous deployment to Azure Container Apps with Azure DevOps

Azure Container App

Introduction Deploying to Azure Container Apps with Azure DevOps and want a quick start reference to get going? I’ll detail how you can quick start continuous deployment to your Azure Container App revision in single revision mode with Azure DevOps, featuring a quick start YAML pipeline that will build your container, publish to Azure Container …

My GitHub Actions Certification experience

GitHub Actions Certification badge

Introduction The GitHub Actions Certification is a newly available cert, as of January 2024 from GitHub. It’s designed to test your proficiency in workflows: from CI/CD, customisations, efficiency, task automation and more. I took and passed the GitHub Actions exam on 26th Jan 2024 and thought I’d detail my experience and learning material that helped …

Top 5 Azure Bicep tips & tricks to get started

Here’s my top 5 Azure Bicep tips & tricks to get you started! Be sure to have the VSCode extension installed. If you’re interested in checking out some real world examples for Bicep please checkout my GitHub project Bicepify where I break down concepts into friendlier learning chunks. I update the repository frequently so be …

Seamlessly deploy Azure Front Door Premium with Private Endpoint to App Services

Azure Front Door Premium with Private Link to App Services

Introduction Azure Front Door Premium allows Private Link connections to Azure PaaS services such as Azure Storage, App services and even AKS/Azure Container Apps. Private Endpoints allow us to securely send traffic via the Azure backbone network with Microsoft directly to your virtual network without leaving and going via the internet. In this post I’ll …

Shared variable file patterns with Azure Bicep

Introduction Shared variable file patterns with Azure Bicep, what is it and what does it mean? How can you benefit from this? What problems can it solve? Without regurgitating too much from the Microsoft Docs on this at a high-level it’s a great way to utilise a JSON file to put common variables you want …

A look into the Azure OpenAI Chat Accelerator

Introduction A few months ago Microsoft released the Azure OpenAI Chat Solution Accelerator. The accelerator is to help organisations fast track and simplify their adoption of the Azure OpenAI service by giving an out the box private chat solution that gives you a familiar user experience. This is enabling your organisation to have your own …

Exploring the awesome Bicep Test Framework

Bicep Test Framework

Introduction Bicep test framework is still in early developmental phase being an experimental feature. It was first presented by Bicep team on the August community call and peaked the interest from the community, myself included. The goal of the test framework is a focus on client-side tests without the need to send off to ARM, …

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