Copy blobs between Storage Accounts with an Azure Function

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Dan Rios

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2 thoughts on “Copy blobs between Storage Accounts with an Azure Function”

  1. Hello Dan,

    Thank you for this wonderful artical. It is very clear, concise and up to the point. I am trying this solution provided for one of hobby project but I am having issue in upload azCopy section. the issue is while connecting to FTP server. I am getting 530 authentication error but I am sure that username and password is correct. I tried after reseting the credentials also. but same error.

    In some another blog related to resolve 530 error I found out that may be issue with username as it contails special character “/ and $” may be FTP not understanding the username. How can I overide this and connect to FTP server or there may be any other issue.

  2. Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks for the comment.

    That’s odd. I see the threads that mention the character issue. What FTP client are you trying to connect with?

    I was using FileZilla in this example, which may be worth a try if you aren’t using that yet.

    Could try restarting the function, and also check out the backend Kudu, you may be able to simply drag/drop the AzCopy executable instead as a temporary work-around:


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